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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Jewish Story Finder

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The Jewish Story Finder: Second Edition
Sharon Barcan Elswit

A Guide to 668 Tales Listing Subjects and Sources (McFarland & Company, Publishers, 2012) is a second edition to the first bibliographic guide which was created to help teachers, storytellers, librarians, clergy, and families find just the right folktale from the Jewish tradition to fit their needs.  It encompasses stories and variants from the seventy plus picture books and collections of Jewish folktales which have been published since 2005 and reaches back in time to encompass stories from out of print books, now easily accessible through online book dealers.  It points to web locations where whole stories themselves may be found. The bibliography itself has doubled to 400 sources. Greatly expanded are the book's global reach and entries under themes of justice, tolerance, respect for life, community, change in attitude, mitzvot, ecology,  and identity.  It hold onto all 363 folktales from before plus Peninnah Schram's gracious Foreword on Jewish storytelling and the oral tradition.

Available at and at Barnes and Nobles (for a discount)