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Saturday, February 10, 2018

News from our Judith Black !

Judith's taken on an additional role in her storied storytelling career. Congratulations, Judith!! Here's her message to all:

Would you like to learn and tell stories while deepening your spiritual practice?  MAGGID-EDUCATOR TRAINING is a unique, powerful, and eminently useful training for educators, rabbis, cantors, gabbais, and anyone in the community who wants to deepen their spiritual connection to mitzvot, text, curriculum, and tikun olam through story and storytelling. 

The Maggid-Educator Training Program of the Institute for Jewish Spiritual Education, reclaims the traditional role of maggid as a master educator who inspires and guides the Jewish journeys of students of all ages.  Trainees in a two or three year program become professional sacred storytellers who educate and guide.  Peninnah Schram, an original faculty member, has stepped into new roles and Judith Black, along with Cherie Karo Schwartz are now the storytelling faculty among a brilliant community of creative artists, religious educators, and spiritual practitioners.

For more information about this program:  914-500-5696

and that's not all....check out Judith's exceptional TED talk. She's invited us to view:

When you have 17 minutes to contemplate how storytelling and the fate of our planet as a host for our species are intertwined, go and view Judith Black’s TED Talk:  

Storytelling and Climate Disruption: An Antidote To Despair