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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the death of Larry Schwartz, loving husband of Cherie Karo Schwartz. She writes:

Shalom dear friends and family of my heart,
I wish I could have spoken with all of you, but time and energy prevent this now.
It is with my heart breaking that I let you know that Larry died yesterday, November 22nd, at 5:36 PM.
It all came so fast, in less than a day, yet Larry’s passing was such a peaceful, calm, sacred time, filled with peace. He had a clarity, a presence and dignity that belied all he had been through since the attack three months ago that left him in such a traumatic brain and functioning loss.  
It was  a peaceful miracle.
I want you all to know what blessings you were in his life, from family, neighbors, friends, co-workers, dance partners, neighbors, and so many more.

Here is the information so you will know.
Thank you from my heart for making Larry’s life more joyful , fulfilling, funny, strong, supported, and all.
Larry passed away peacefully last night, November 22nd, at the Aspen Siesta nursing home.  In addition to his loving wife Cherie, who never left his side, Larry was surrounded by loving friends and neighbors. 

Larry is survived by his lifelong friend, partner and wife,  Cherie Karo Schwartz, his daughter-in-law, Robyn Mayer, and grandchildren Zakaria, Lucy and Aaron Schwartz.  To his great sorrow Larry was preceded in death by both of his children, Ronda Schwartz z”l, and Daran Schwartz, z”l.

Larry was born in New York City and raised in New York and California.  He obtained his masters degree from MIT, and went on to obtain a PhD from UCLA.  Larry, an Aerospace Engineer, became Chief Scientist and Top Fellow for Hughes, which became Raytheon, for 43 years.  Larry loved his work and he was magnificent at it, creating software for the gigantic white satellite dishes at Buckley AFB by DIA.

Larry was a true renaissance man:  he designed the house that he and Cherie lived in, Cherie’s wedding ring and dress.  He ran a marathon at the age of 42, and had his bar mitzvah at B’nai Havurah seven years ago.  Larry was a wonderful artist, drawing and painting.  He loved Greece, Greek dancing and all forms of travel.

Larry’s most salient quality was always giving people joy through his amazing mind, beamish smile and incredibly pun-ish-ing sense of humor.  Larry was always loving ,  kind zeisen neshamah.  He will be missed.

Contributions in Larry’s memory may be made to B’nai Havurah, where Larry and Cherie have belonged for three decades, or to the Alzheimer’s Association. 
Larry had Alzheimer’s for many years, and yet enjoyed full, joyful life. 

Zichrono livracha – may Larry’s memory be for a blessing always.